IriySoft is located in Bryansk, Russia. The company specializes in Flash and mobile games development. They consider quality and good playability to be the most important things in any game.

Their main goals are to combine experience and professionalism in order to achieve customer satisfaction, to make IriySoft a recognizable brand and present it as a reliable and committed partner.


"IriySoft" company was founded in August 2005 by a group of determined enthusiasts when the "Blitzkrieg II" mobile game (for Nival Interactive) was completed. All team members were experienced programmers. They had perfected their skills by working for more than 2 years in the field of J2ME and Flash game development by that time.

Their next successful mobile project was "Robogear: Battle" (for Nival Interactive too).

Since the spring of 2006 they have been intensely working on the Flash games sector. They started releasing high-quality products, it is 15 games up to this moment.

At the end of the summer 2006 "Blitzkrieg II: German Campaign" mobile game (made for Nival Interactive) was released. The most remarkable feature of this game is a multiplayer game via GPRS.

In autumn 2006 we established business relations with MiniClip company. Our first game for MiniClip was "Snow Line".

In December 2006 "Hard to be a God" (made for Akella company) mobile game was released.

In spring 2007 we started to work with AddictingGames company.


They are highly advanced in:

  • J2ME: game and application development including networking, SMS and porting on the wide range of devices.
  • Flash: games of high quality and any complexity
  • Server-side: server for multiplayer games development using Java

Besides they have experience in the following fields:

  • J2SE: applet game development
  • Symbian: applications with networking over Bluetooth

They use the most recent technologies and approaches in development which allows them to deliver high quality products.


They have a director, a project manager, a game-designer, 4 programmers and 4 artists at the moment. They also use outsource for art and sound when needed.