Ninja is an enemy in Cursed Treasure series.

Cursed Treasure 1Edit

It's fast, it has 100 HP per level and the skill Smoke Bomb, which makes it invisible for 5 seconds when attacked.

Cursed Treasure 2Edit

As soon as the coward ninja is damaged he becomes invisible for several seconds. Fortunately this trick
Ninja ct2
works only once.

"There's strong shadow where there is much light"

  • Health: 75
  • Speed: fast
  • 7 Vanish: As soon as he gets the first damage, he vanishes for 7 seconds. The towers can not aim at the invisible enemy.


In Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems and Level Pack, if a Ninja is disarmed by a Banshee Crypt, it will still use its Smoke Bomb.