Paladin is an enemy in Cursed Treasure series.

Cursed Treasure 1Edit

It has 200 HP per level and the ability "Sacred Tome", which makes it inmune to all negative magic effects.

Cursed Treasure 2Edit

The Paladin is an intrepid, sacred knight. The most part of the evil magic has no effect on him. TO BE
Paladin ct2

"I use my sword to detect whether is good" - Eric, the paladin

  • Health:120
  • Speed: avg
  • Fearless: this enemy can't be frightened
  • Anti-magic: is protected from evil magic (poisoning, fire, freezing and so on)


In Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems and Cursed Treasure: Level Pack, Paladins can be disarmed by Banshee Crypts, thus removing all the immunities.